Coming up for air

Well, famous last words, eh? I hope this will have been worth the wait…

Firstly, I won’t keep you in suspense any further! We have opened a craft shop in Whiting Bay, which is the next village down from us - Bay Wool & Crafts. We sell the full range of Katsock Crafts knitted items and Scenes of Arran canvases, but also items from about 18 other crafters from the island, including jewellery, stained glass and mosaics, felters, woodworkers, soaps and candles, plus others. We opened in November last year and have survived a winter (we also sell wool and a small selection of haberdashery). Now that the summer season is in full swing, I’m very proud to be able to report that our crafters are doing very well.

Steve’s brewing is also due advance to the next stage. A brew shed is to be erected shortly, and all brewing equipment will be migrating out there from the kitchen - including a new brew kettle and several fridges. He also plans to investigate commercial production this year.

We have already run two craft fairs this year, and have six in total planned for the year - April to August inclusive and an extra one at Christmas. Not all are fully subscribed as yet, but tables do fill as dates come up. Since I’m in the shop on the Saturdays when the craft fairs run, Steve has been on hand to drum up footfall - which is working well.

And last but not least! - We have had a visit from Trading Standards. I reported last time that all my soft toys are CE compliant. They have now also been tested by Trading Standards’ own laboratory, and I’m very proud and relieved to be able to say that a Test Report with all passes is on display in the shop!

On that happy note, I’ll leave you for now. I make no promises this time, but reserve my intentions, and we’ll see what the next month or two brings…