Busy, Busy, Busy...

What a difference 5 months can make!

We are now happily ensconced in Scotland, in the house that we’ve been dreaming of for the last two-plus years, and couldn’t be happier.  Our second buyer managed in the end to complete within a matter of weeks.  We even slotted in a sneaky two days in Belgium, before a mad overnight drive north.  Well it all adds to the adventure!  Once we arrived, crafting corner was the first thing to be set up in the new house, of course 😊

Beautiful Katsock Craft knits can now be bought in two outlets in Lamlash (our new home town): Made in Arran, and a smaller selection in Tan Trix – both of which are on the main street.  As of later this week, I’m very excited to be able to reveal that we will also have a display and outlet in the Charisma Lane Craft Gift Shop!  And even better, since it’s also a coffee shop, you can have coffee and cake while you browse.  There are lots of lovely crafters’ wares on display in Auchrannie Road, Brodick, so if you’re on the island I can recommend a visit.  Their cakes are yummy too!

I have also been exhibiting at the monthly craft fayre in Whiting Bay, which is organised by the lovely and very talented girls at Crafts and Company.

Since moving, Katsock Crafts has been even more successful than when in Essex, with all outlets performing well for us, and several commissions having been received – not all of them from island residents!

I now take part in three knit and natter groups – one in the south of the island and another just over the road from the house.  The third is when I Skype with my Essex group once a week, since we couldn’t bear to be parted from each other.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks’ time, when we shall be popping back to Essex for a long weekend – and a few of us are also attending the Alexandra Palace stitching show. 

As if all that were not enough – we feel as though we have the most luxurious hide in the world as our sitting room sits right on the edge of the seafront.  We have watched a family of swans (with seven cygnets!) grow up right in front of us, plus what we can only assume is a family of herons.  We are also regularly visited by cormorants, gannets, oystercatchers, curlew – even otters if we’re quick enough to spot them!  Half a mile from the house, seals often climb onto the rocks as the tide turns, too.  Too many photos to pick favourites, but do check out the flickr site, and also Stevie's new photo website

So, life continues to be very happy and productive.  Now all that remains is to try to post a little more often…