Not Quite According to Plan

,After the euphoria of my last post, the bad news is that our first buyer fell through :( but the good news is, we have a new buyer :)  Our new buyer seems as keen to move as we are, and our dream home in Scotland is still within our grasp, so the worst that's happened is that plans have been put back slightly.

In other good news, Katsock Crafts is now part of SJS Technical Services Limited, which means in effect that nothing changes for all you lovely people, but it will bring cost efficiencies to both entities so it's all steam ahead. 

After the madness of knitting puppies and elephants of the last few months, I have returned to baby clothes, and have completed a stripy cable sweater and a yellow sparkly dress.  The former was knitted in new variegated yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners, which is really snuggly - pictures of both are in the gallery.  I seem to have gone a bit nuts for sparkly yarn in the last couple of months, and am currently working on a purple sparkle bolero cardigan (which would look gorgeous with a party dress) - as Ihave the same yarn in green, blue, mauve, grey, pink and mustard yellow, let me know if you have a favourite colour!  Pictures to follow...

Now that spring is here and the days are lengthening, and the weather is slowly improving, we've been taking more walks around the local nature reserves.  We've seen egrets, herons, cormorants, reed warblers - and even a wren, but she was too elusive for the camera.  We're keeping our eyes out for the local red kites too, which have been getting closer.  It would be great to get a really clear close-up before we move.