In Transition

Well here we are in Hertfordshire as promised.  Clobbs Yard went on the market just before we left for our Christmas break, and it sold within 8 days, to the perfect (for us) buyer.  We are almost ready to complete and move out!  Exciting times :)

We had a quick walk round the fields surrounding our temporary cottage and already have seen horses, sheep (albeit these all belong to the cottage owner), kites and a peahen!  I hope to bring you more pictures over the coming days and weeks.

I have added another line to the Katsock Crafts repertoire, as I've been making cushion covers: ostensibly so far for our new home, but they've already garnered interest.  I have also obtained some knitting pattern software that enables me to convert pictures to a knitting chart, so if anyone would like their logo or a simple picture rendered as a cushion cover (or similar), I can have some fun with that.