All Change!

You'll be glad to hear that, even though it's been five months since I last posted, what a busy five months they have been...

We went to Italy for two weeks at the beginning of September, and I have just finished writing the postcard of our trip, so that will be up very soon, I just have to add in the pictures.  We had a fantastic time, some very busy days, others a little more relaxing.  While we were there, we had some great news about our move to Scotland - the offer we had submitted for our house just before we left was accepted!  The terms are a little out of the ordinary, suffice it to say we have until April to come up with the balance of monies.  So we have been spending much of our time since returning from Italy, readying Clobbs Yard (the current Crafting Cottage) for sale.  But, more of that later and as time goes on.

On the crafting front, we have been back to Covent Garden market several times; we've had good days, we've had not so good days, but on the whole I still love attending markets, meeting people, bantering with other stallholders.  Unfortunately, that has now come to an end for the foreseeable future: last Sunday was our last day at Covent Garden and I have yet to find a similar set up on the Isle of Arran.

All is not lost for Katsock Crafts however; in the long term, there is one outlet on Arran that has agreed to take the older babies' items (as they already have a supplier for newborn clothing), and one more establishment that I have to approach.  Of course, I only started knitting stuffed animals since the last time we visited Arran (in June), so they both may be willing to take those too.

In the mid-term, we are upping sticks to Hertfordshire for a short while in the New Year, to give us time to properly get Clobbs Yard in order and to leave it in a good condition for viewings.  While there, we will only have minimal possessions around us, so I will be concentrating on building the repertoire of animals (currently, I am happy with how the puppy, kitten, penguin and elephant turn out - let me know if you'd like one.  But not until after Christmas!)

In the much shorter term, I am going to be extremely busy!  I have orders for 15 stuffed animals before Christmas (and we leave for the continent the week before Christmas!), so 5 weeks at 2-3 per week is going to be a challenge.  In between all that, there is the engineering business to administer, and a house move to manage.  I think it's fair to say that the Katsock Crafts Christmas order book is definitely full!  Huge thanks to Heidi and to Tarnya however, for their continued belief and support, it means a lot.

To finish, you will (hopefully) have noticed from the fb page that I am offering a five pound discount on all items (hats and booties excepted, unless taken as a set) until Christmas.  Please do avail yourselves in the run-up, for Christmas pressies for your favourite little ones - I will post regular updates as items get snapped up.