Happy 2016!!

OK, so things didn't turn out quite the way we'd planned in my last post!  But things have been rather hectic here at Katsock Cottage since October!  Let me explain...

I am no longer actively searching for new positions - though I am open to agency calls/offers - as we have started a new venture, SJS Technical Services.  As you can imagine, this has been the main thing that has been taking up our time recently!  The company 'went live' at the beginning of the year so I now have a little more time again for crafting.  New photos are due to be posted soon (unfortunately I've had something of a technical glitch with my card reader :( )

I have also just this week confirmed a whole range of dates at Covent Garden's Jubilee Market - the first one being 28th February.  All dates are in the calendar section.  This doesn't mean that I've abandoned Greenwich - far from it! - but different markets operate in different ways and Covent Garden needed me to make a firm commitment.

I'm also unsure where the jewellery section of the crafts is currently going - any suggestions welcome.  More news on that when I've had a chance to ruminate and make a decision!

On the social/personal front, we had a wonderful Christmas in Brugge again, this time for a slightly extended stay.  With the new business not tying us to a physical location we have decided to spend 3 weeks there at the end of this year!  It's all booked up already (it's a very popular town, year-round), and is just one of many upcoming events and trips that we have to look forward to this year.

I hope 2016 proves to be exciting and stimulating as ours is turning out to be, and it would be wonderful to see you at either Greenwich or Covent Garden some time during the year.  Greenwich dates will be announced on Facebook first, so please do keep checking back there too.

Happy 2016 to you all!!