Happy Belated New Year

Just when  you thought I'd forgotten all about you, here I am again.

December was a busy month in one way and another and before we know it, here we are in 2015.  Our first Saturday at Greenwich was lots of fun, and we had a lovely craft fair in Braintree at the beginning of December - then I had to go into hospital; only a minor operation but it left me out of action for much of December, until we went away to Bruges just after Christmas.  I didn't even take very many photos, so I can't even upload any pictures!

However, I have been quite busy since then, culminating in a great day in Greenwich Market at the end of January.  I also picked up a couple of interesting commissions from friends and from Braintree, so that I haven't had a chance to replenish knitting stock.  We're going away at the end of February, so have decided to give Greenwich a miss in February in order to give myself time to catch up to myself!  It was especially nice to have a repeat customer in Greenwich, a very nice lady who has had both the cute little waistcoats off me.  Some more of those are definitely on the list to be re-knitted!

I will be loading some more knits pictures in the next few days; I notice that the Recent Knits gallery is looking very depleted.  I had got quite busy with the knitting but a few items were just too cute and sold before I could take a picture - but I do still have some new items that I can show you.  Watch this space!

I've also just been asked to knit a baby blanket for a very lovely friend of mine, and have just sourced the yarn for this, so I should be able to get started on that this coming week.  It's a lovely pattern and one I've knitted before so I'm looking forward to making it again, with a small adaption, just to make things interesting!

I already mentioned we're going away at the end of February; we're driving straight up to Aran after a musical night at the pub.  So new photos will be loaded before you know it!  As we're self-catering again, I may even manage this while we're still away...