Gainfully Employed?

Having takena (hopefully short) break from my day job, I've been spending some time visiting friends and family, attending interviews (!) - and getting busy with the knitting needles!  The fruits of my labours can be seen already in the gallery section - highlights are the most adorable romper suits, one in green and white which doubles as a cute pyjama romper, and a summer weight one in orange shorts; also a popular commission staple, a blue and white single-button swing cardi.  I've also had several commissions to complete during the period.  So I've been far from idle!

The two weekend craft fairs were a bit of a mixed bag: happily, one more than made up for the other, and a couple of one-day fairs were very good to us.  We hope to return to Greenwich within the next month or two - the plan is to get there at least twice before Christmas.  I will post the details on the Katsock Crafts Facebook page as soon as the dates are definite, so please do keep checking.

We had a fantastic anniversary weekend in September in Barcelona.  It was lovely to get away for a few days, as the weather had started to turn by then, and it was still beautifully warm in Spain.  It was our third visit to this amazing city and we spent some time in some of our favourite places (a few of which we'd last visited on honeymoon, which made it all the more special), but also managed to discover some new places to visit next time we go. 

But I've saved the best news to last :)  A couple of very good friends of mine also have crafting businesses.  One is trading under Woollen It Be Lovely and also knits, but mainly crochets.  The other goes by Lilypuds (a very clever play on her name!) and bakes yummy Christmas puddings.  Please do look out for them at Craft Fairs in the south east of England, and also on Facebook.