Summer Hiatus

I'm having a bit of a break this week after a flurry of activity behind the scenes - I had several commissions to fulfil and since they were paid in advance I didn't want them hanging around for too long. If people have paid me money, I like them to see a return fairly quickly. 

Since I still haven't done anything with the photos from our trip to Arran, I wanted to make that the focus for this week before I start work again on building up stock for forthcoming fairs in the autumn. Photos should be up on the Flicker site within the next few days. I've also recently completed a shoot for a new Southern rock style band that's starting up in the Essex area. I was very pleased with how the photos came out and their feedback has been positive, so its good to know people like my work. 

I can also reveal the new product lines I mentioned in the last post: cufflinks and pocket watches!  While I didn't think I'd have any of the latter ready for October, now the decision has been made, there's no reason why not. Both are very exciting and will involve a slight rethink on stall layout but these are things that can only truly be decided 'live'. We have a few ideas how we can display them all, it's now just a matter of trial and error on the day. 

We've also had a bit of a rethink on our strategy for 2015, which is to aim the combined stall at smaller city centre one-day craft fairs, but take a larger stock of knitwear only to some two-day events. We also want to try our hand at regular markets - Chelmsford and Brighton are looking most likely at present and we hope to be at one of those as early as September!  Watch this space and Facebook for updates on when and where.