Is Anybody Here

Sorry all for the protracted silence. Quite a bit has been happening since I last wrote, but things will quieten down again over the summer, so it may be even longer after this before I have anything worthwhile to tell you about - though I will of course periodically be adding photos of finished knits - I'll just be keeping my head down and knitting like a demon until October. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

First things first, we've had a couple of weeks off at Katsock Craft Cottage. The first one was to refurbish the kitchen, which has needed attention since we moved in - can't believe it was nearly 15 years ago!  Still not quite finished as the Chief Adviser has unfortunately put his back out, but we hope to have it all done within the next few weeks. A major push planned for this weekend will see us well on the way. 

Our second break was to Aran (the Grand Plan is taking shape!) and I even got some knitting done while we were there. Not too much, as the weather was glorious so we spent a lot of time out and about, and the Head Crafter had a birthday during the week so some celebrating was to be done. I also managed to pick up some leather strips, and already have an idea what to do with them but... more on that later :)

Marlborough Town Hall craft fair was last weekend and a very enjoyable day it turned out to be, even if not that successful. We suspect the weather forecast (very changeable) and various sporting events (football, tennis - especially since Andy Murray was playing) conspired against us. The new stands looked good however and I was very pleased with the look of the stall as a whole. I also had another lovely compliment: 'have you always been so good at matching colours together?' :)

We are looking at adding a couple of product lines to the stock. One of them is still very much in the research stage, so only a small chance that this will be ready for October. The other however has advanced as far as testing! :) and we'll definitely be bringing some to Colchester in October. I'm very excited and can't wait to hear what people think. Hopefully we can post a teaser on Facebook in the coming weeks, so please keep checking there too!

Speaking of Facebook, if you're keeping track you'll have noticed a very cute newborn jacket in pale green and cream that was finished a few days ago. Well the very exciting news is that I've already picked up two commissions on the back of that, which is lovely. I'm very glad that my plans in April to get knitting furiously then, means I don't have to panic about fulfilling commissions rather than building up stock, now!