Dartford Here I Come


Apr 9 at 4:54 PM

I've just had confirmation details of the next fair near Dartford on Sunday, so it's starting to get exciting!

I've been spending some time trying to find a pattern book for double knitting weight yarn, similar to the marvellous recent purchase for 3- and 4-ply.  Between the internet, North Yorkshire, Canterbury and Southend, I think I've cracked it, albeit in three smaller books :)  I also found some lovely colours of Aran in the Southend shop and can't believe I didn't buy any... oh well, what a great excuse to return!

As you can see, we've been travelling extensively over the last few weeks and had some great times, but the knitting continues regardless!  The dress I'd started in my last entry is now finished, as is a cosy little green and black jacket which I think is in Fisherman's Rib for the most part, although the method is slightly different to the one I'm used to.  My next project is a pair of cargo pants in sand and a light denim colour, I'm about half-way through them and have high hopes for how they'll look when finished.

I joined a knitting circle last week!  We meet on Wednesdays in a very pretty shop in the middle of Chelmsford, but slightly off the beaten track which I had no idea was there before.  The ladies in the circle are lovely, very welcoming, down to earth and good fun.  I will definitely be going back - but not this week as we're off out somewhere else tonight...

Our trip to Canterbury was to visit the Craft in Focus fair that took place over 5th and 6th April.  I've been considering trying my hand at two-day fairs next year and wanted to do some research to see what the fit would be.  We decided that the baby knits should do fine - we may have to expand the display space and I'll need to get knitting frantically! - but it would be better to focus on one craft at these events, and keep the jewellery for more low-key affairs.

So, exciting times for the future but for now, we're concentrating on Dartford this weekend.