Good news / Bad news

Wow, 6 weeks: how time flies!

I've been knitting like a demon over the last few weeks, and also fitted in long weekends in Loch Lomond and Dublin (though I took only a handful of photos on both occasions).

Several new pieces are now finished and ready for our next fair (of which, more to follow...); new pictures are up in the image section.  I am currently working on a new addition to the knitwear, which was suggested by a very good friend of mine: pram blankets!  As she said, these are generally kept as keepsakes by the children who used them to keep cosy in the first place - and so tend to have a much longer life than other knitwear.  I'm finding they're a considerably longer time in the knitting however!  Once that's finished, I'll be running up some cute little bootees and warm winter caps to fill up a knitwear-only stall.

We were in the end not able to make it to Chelmsford market as planned, due to circumstances beyond our control, but we do very much still plan to do so in the coming months, and at least once before Christmas.  Again, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, as they'll be much more frequent.

Also, due to its being cancelled by the organiser, the October craft fair in Colchester is also not going ahead.  This was a real shame as I was really looking forward to it... but these things happen.  Instead, the great news is that I'll be at the fair in Cliffs Pavilion Southend on 1st November, and of course back to Colchester Townhall on 8th November.  Both of those being knitwear only, the next combined stall with jewellery will be at Maldon on 30th November.

But!  Ahead of both those dates, I have left the really exciting news to last!  I have managed to secure a trial day at Greenwich Market on October 29th!  This is a Wednesday, so I appreciate it's not ideal for many people to come and visit, but it would really help me secure a pitch for my preferred market day of Saturday if I do see some friendly faces!  I can't tell you how excited I am; in order to fulfill the requirements of the market, we've made some changes to the stall: arranged a banner; come up with a small display in the middle of the stall; refreshed our coverings and drapes.  Please do come down and check it all out if you're at all able to on the day, I'd be even more pleased to see you than normally!!

Apart from all that, some new dates are being set up for 2015 already, with one 2-day event already confirmed in the diary.  All details on the website very soon; do stop by and check it out.